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Regular Prices

Below is a list of all our diving prices for 2021.

Please email us for more details. We can then help put together a dive plan that will suit your needs. Some of the Full boat charter prices are marked as £POA as it may depend on your choice of a 2nd dive (if required).

Full details on all our wreck dives can be seen on our interactive map of wrecks.

Payment options can be seen here.


For sightseeing, private charters, school trips and scattering of ashes please click here.


Dive sites

Dive site

Max depth

Dived on 

Single dive space

Full boat charter price
(2 dives, up to 12 divers)

Local dives
Kyarra 30m High or Low water £30 £550
Carentan 30m High or Low water £30 £550
Firth Fisher 37m High or Low water £30 £550
Betsy Anna 25m High or Low water £32 £550
Valentine Tanks 15m High or Low water £32 £550
Fleur de Lys 13m Ebb or Flood tide £28 £550
Drift, reef & scenic dives
Local drift
18m Ebb or Flood tide £28 £550
Peveril ledge
18m Flood tide £28 £550
Peveril ledge (deep)
25m Flood tide £28 £550
Old Harry
18m Ebb tide £28 £550
Old Mussel beds
17m Flood tide £28 £550
Swanage Bay
18m Ebb or Flood tide £28 £550
Scallop drift
18-20m Ebb or Flood tide £28 £550
Scenic cliff dive
8-10m Ebb or Flood tide £28 £550
Tanville ledge
8-10m Ebb or Flood tide £28 £550
A3 Submarine 38m Low water £40 £600
Aalesund 43m High water £55 £POA
Acheron HMS 40m High water £50 £POA
Aeolian Sky 30m Low water £35 £600
Ajax 40m High water £45 £POA
Albert C Fields 38m High or Low water £40 £600
Albion II 30m High water £40 £POA
Aparima 42m Low water £35 £600
Arfon (protected wreck) 43m Low water £35 £600
Asbourg 28m High water £55 £POA
Avanti 43m Low water £35 £600
Azemmour 40m High water £45 £POA
Baron Garioch 38m High water £35 £600
Black Hawk (Bow) 18m Low water £40 £600
Borgny 32m High water £35 £600
Braedale 40m High water £35 £600
Braatt II 38m High water £55 £POA
Brestois 40m High water £50 £POA
Britannia 40m High or Low water £40 £600
Chasseur No 6 40m Low water £40 £600
Clan Macvey 20m High water £35 £600
Clarinda 40m High water £40 £POA
Coquetdale 40m High water £40 £POA
Crestflower 38m High water £55 £POA
Cuba 42m High water £55 £POA
Dagmar II 42m Low water £40 £600
Derna 40m Low water £40 £600
Dumfries 57m High water £55 £POA
Empire Crusader 39m High water £50 £POA
Eleanor 39m High water £40 £600
Ernest Legouvre 42m High water £50 £POA
Espagne 40m High water £50 £POA
Everleigh 43m High or Low water £35 £600
Evertsen 49m Low water £45 £POA
Fluent 42m High or Low water £35 £600
Gallia 37m High or Low water £40 £600
Fenna 24m High water £35 £600
Hazelwood 40m High water £45 £POA
Holmtown 36m Low water £35 £600
Iduna 36m High water £55 £POA
Idutionmare 36m High water £50 £POA
Iolanthe 46m Low water £40 £600
Lighter Barge 32m High or Low water £30 £550
Listrac HMS 38m High water £55 £POA
Londonier 40m High water £55 £POA
Mendi 40m High water £55 £POA


55m Low water £45 £POA


36m High water £45 £POA
Myrtlegrove 44m High water £40 £POA
Netley Abbey 38m Low water £35 £600
New Dawn 33m High water £40 £POA
Normandy 46m High water £45 £POA
Oriflamme 46m High water £55 £POA
Pin Wreck 27m Low water £35 £600
Poole Fisher 40m High water £55 £POA
Redesmere 40m High water £55 £POA
Safari submarine 45m Low water £40 £600
Sailing ship (unknown) 42m Low water £40 £600
Sargasso HMS 43m High water £35 £600
Security (Tug) 40m High or Low water £40 £POA
Simila 38m High water £55 £POA
Smyrna 56m High water £60 £600 (1 dive)
Spyros 31m High water £35 £POA
Start 43m High or Low water £35 £600
Swordfish submarine 42m High water £55 £POA
Terlings 45m High water £45 £POA
Tweed 40m High water £55 £POA
UB-480 58m High water £45 £POA
Upstart submarine 38m High water £45 £POA
Venezuela 28m High water £35 £600
Vera 48m Low water £45 £POA
Warrior II HMS 55m Low water £45 £POA
War Knight 14m Any time £45 £POA
Warwick Deeping 36m High water £45 £POA
Westville 42m High water £40 £POA
Witte zee 33m High water £40 £POA